Modernizing the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office

Zach will bring new leadership to the Prosecutor’s office. He’ll implement smarter practices and be a more effective steward of our tax dollars. He’ll bring a fresh perspective and the experience we need in a County Prosecutor. Zach currently serves as Columbus City Council President, where he has invested in public safety – putting more cops on the street in every neighborhood and working to equip all Columbus police officers with body cameras. He has served as an Assistant Ohio Attorney General and prosecuted criminals as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. Zach also served as Vice President Biden’s deputy director for management.

Keeping our neighborhood and families safe

Zach is Columbus City Council President, but his most important job is being a husband and a dad to two small children. Zach wants his kids, and your kids, to grow up in a safe Central Ohio. We need safe and strong communities to keep Franklin County moving forward.

Getting smart on crime

Franklin County needs to get smart on crime. We’ve spent too much money and broken too many families putting people away for non-violent crimes. We need to go after the real criminals and stop wasting money putting people behind bars when treatment or rehabilitation is a better option – especially if we want to stop the heroin epidemic. Instead of locking people up for non-violent crimes, we should work to keep them out of jail, get them back on the job and help them become contributing and taxpaying members of our community.