Barack Obama endorses Zach Klein for Franklin County Prosecutor

Today Barack Obama endorsed Columbus City Council President Zach Klein in his race for Franklin County Prosecutor.  Zach Klein is among a select group of candidates from around the country to be endorsed by Obama. The office of the Franklin County Prosecutor serves as the gate keeper for the criminal justice system in the largest county in Ohio.

This contest has caught national attention due to Zach Klein’s innovative and progressive approach to criminal justice reform.  While ensuring violent criminals are held accountable, Klein will make sure non-violent addicts get the treatment they need. Klein is also committed to working with those returning to society after incarceration to make them productive members of our community.

Klein understands that working to prevent crime is just as important working to get violent criminals off our streets. Prosecutors need to address underlying causes of criminal activity just as vigorously as they address criminal activity itself.

Criminal justice reform has long been a priority for the President and he feels that Zach Klein has the experience needed to move Franklin County forward.