Zach Klein calls on Ron O’Brien to investigate Ohio’s charter schools

Zach Klein, Columbus City Council President and candidate for Franklin County Prosecutor, today called on Prosecutor Ron O’Brien to investigate Ohio’s failing charter schools.

“There are too many for-profit, failing charter schools that have been harming our children and their future,” said Klein. “Ron O’Brien has the authority to look into these charters, but he has chosen to look the other way for years. It’s well past time to launch or demand a thorough, exhaustive and complete inquiry into whether this ongoing abuse of tax dollars and education neglect constitutes a crime.”

Ohio law states that the Franklin County Prosecutor has the jurisdiction to inquire into the commission of crimes within the county. This includes the state’s bad charter schools and their operators.

“Newspapers across Ohio have repeatedly documented evidence of attendance issues, grade manipulation and inflated graduation rates, all of which affect the financial reimbursements schools receive from the State of Ohio. These are serious allegations that, if proven, mean taxpayers are being fleeced and our children are being robbed of a quality education,” said Klein.