What Are The Issues?

During Zach’s tenure on the Columbus City Council, Zach championed criminal justice reform and led the charge to equip all Columbus police officers with body cameras, protecting both our citizens and police officers. Zach introduced legislation that created the city’s domestic partnerships registry, established a citywide graffiti removal program, passed legislation that increased the number of active Code Enforcement Officers, and created city licensing requirements to help shutdown nuisance hotels and motels operating as criminal enterprises.
In a decision to not seek re-election after holding office since 2003, current Columbus City Attorney Richard C. Pfieffer, Jr. endorsed Zach to fill the position. This endorsement arises out of Zach’s motivation to continue Mr. Pfieffer’s work on behalf of our neighborhoods to improve the quality of life for residents of Columbus.
As the Columbus City Attorney, Zach will strive to maintain the proactive and progressive policies of current City Attorney Pfeiffer. Zach is determined to continue the fight against the scourge of opioid addiction and aid victims of human trafficking. Zach will continue his efforts to hold absentee landlords and homeowners accountable, and find creative, effective, and aggressive strategies to abate nuisance properties. He will continue our fight for criminal justice reform, and expand community policing initiatives, including full implementation of body cameras for Columbus police officers.
Zach Klein is eager to ensure that Columbus does its part to further protect civil rights and stand up to the Trump agenda.